Suppressing nuclear spin relaxation by light-driven switching of multi-spin DNP agents

Bj├Ârn Corzilius (University of Rostock) / Kirill Monakhov (Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering Leipzig)


We aim to investigate the dependence of paramagnetic relaxation of nuclear spins on the electronic and relaxation properties of nearby DNP polarizing agents with the goal of dynamic decoupling of the electron-nuclear hyperfine interaction by optical excitation of a bifunctional DNP polarizing agent.


The synthesis of a suitable bifunctional polarizing agent which acts as an efficient DNP agent but also allows optical excitation of a strongly spin-correlated state will be the largest challenge; nevertheless, we will employ a divide-and-conquer to approach to understand the problem under increasing complexity of the system.


We will not only provide fundamental insight into the mechanism of the paramagnetic relaxation, but also develop a new method to dynamically decouple nuclei from DNP agents in order to reduce NMR line broadening particularly in the direct vicinity of the polarizing agent.