Integrated Research Training Group

Berthold Kersting (Leipzig University) / Sibylle Gemming (Chemnitz University of Technology)

Brilliant minds make science shine. And brilliant spin-scientists will take hyperpolarization research to a new level by blending the fields of molecular hyperpolarization, spintronics, and spin-chemistry. HYP*MOL will elaborate the scientific ties, which intimately link those three fields, and its iRTG will enable a future generation of spin-scientists to perform cutting edge science and explore this new area.

An ambitious educational program will provide the CRC’s doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with a profound scientific background in the central fields of the consortium: hyperpolarized methods in magnetic resonance, molecular spintronics, and spin-chemistry. Our research brings together young scientists from these three fields and for the first time train a generation of spin scientists who are simultaneously at home in all three. We expect that this new generation will decisively shape the future of all three fields. The structured program of the iRTG aims at attracting outstanding doctoral researchers via active international recruiting, qualifying them to perform excellent research, and helping them develop their independent academic profile. Our training program comprises specialized scientific modules on the state of the art in hyperpolarization science, joint summer schools, international laboratory rotations, and professional skills workshops at UL and TUC. The topics blend well into UL’s strategic research field “Intelligent methods and materials” and TUC’s core competency “Materials and smart systems”.

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