• TRR HYP*MOL receives Multi-million funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
    We are pleased to announce that HYP*MOL has been approved as a Collaborative Research Center / Transregio of the German Research Foundation and will be funded with more than 13 million Euros. From October 2023 to mid-2027, Leipzig University and Chemnitz University of Technology will host this research network of 17 subprojects with a total […]
  • Effect known from solid-state physics discovered in biological systems
    A new study with the participation of HYP*MOL spokespersons Georgeta Salvan and Jörg Matysik, the results of which have now been published in the journal Chemical Science, demonstrates a polaron effect in cyanobacteriochromes. It is a light-induced switching process that could be traced in detail over individual sub-process steps, also thanks to innovative sample preparation […]
  • Georgeta Salvan joined the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports
    The Deputy Spokesperson of HYP*MOL, Georgeta Salvan became a member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports in April 2023. Salvan who is focusing on semiconductor physics, is now active in the journal’s condensed matter physics section. Photo: Jacob Müller
  • Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities accepts Tanja Gulder as new member
    On April 14, 2023, consortium member Tanja Gulder was admitted to the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities, which has existed since 1846. The organic chemist with a focus on biomimetic catalysis is now part of the Mathematical-Natural Sciences Class. Membership in the Academy is reserved for top researchers and offers the opportunity for interdisciplinary […]
  • IITC talk by consortium member Kirill Monakhov
    Kirill Monakhov is amongst Invited Speakers from imec, Samsung Electronics, Google, and other key technology companies and research institutions at the 26th edition of International Interconnect Technology Conference, a joint event with Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference in Dresden, May 22-25, 2023. He will present the results of his group about “Solution-Processable Molecular Oxides for […]