• 24 Sep – 28 Sep ’23: International Hyperpolarization Conference
    The conference, held at the Universität Leipzig, will provide a forum for fruitful scientific exchange, a valuable tool for competence building and knowledge transfer between the different methods of hyperpolarization. The program will consist of invited lectures and contributed papers. The conference language will be English.
  • 08 May ’23: Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen MDR-51
    The Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen MDR-51 will take place on May 23, 2023 in the Small Lecture Hall of the Fakultät für Chemie & Mineralogie of the Universität Leipzig.
  • 26 Mar – 01 Apr ’23: Summer school “Theory of NMR” – Relaxation
    The school (Youth hostel Schloss Windischleuba, 40 km South of Leipzig/Germany) is the second in a cycle of four schools and will be dedicated to Relaxation: Basics of NMR, basic quantum mechanics, Hamiltonians, Liouville space and super operators, Redfield theory, correlation functions and spectral density functions, relaxation pathways, relaxation mechanisms, relaxation in solids, relaxometry, paramagnetic […]
  • 07 Nov ’22: Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen MDR-50
    The following talks were given at the Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen at the Universität Leipzig on November 7, 2022, hosted by Prof. Jörg Matysik: Dr. Michael Dyballa (Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Technische Chemie) “Solid-state NMR for the investigation of catalytic surfaces and adsorbates”, Dr. Matthias Elgeti (Jules Stein Eye Institute and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry/University of […]