Information Infrastructure Project: Non-invasive interdisciplinary research data management in federated organizational environments

Martin Gaedke (Chemnitz University of Technology) / Jens Meiler (Leipzig University)


Respecting established processes and data management plans in scientific research, we will support scientists to share and reuse research results beyond institutional boundaries by introducing a non-invasive semantic research data management in a federated environment.


We will concentrate on connecting the scientific data landscape of multiple institutions without the need for centralized platforms, obligatory software, or institution-specific credentials. Adapters to existing systems will be established to create distributed knowledge graphs consolidating available metadata.


We will establish a project-overarching collaborative integrated information management platform and ensure the provision and long-term preservation of all research results according to FAIR principles (Findable/ Accessible/ Interopera-ble/ Reusable) and DFG Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice in a HYP*MOL research data repository.