07 Nov ’22: Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen MDR-50 [EXPIRED]

The following talks were given at the Mitteldeutsches Resonanztreffen at the Universität Leipzig on November 7, 2022, hosted by Prof. Jörg Matysik: Dr. Michael Dyballa (Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Technische Chemie) “Solid-state NMR for the investigation of catalytic surfaces and adsorbates”, Dr. Matthias Elgeti (Jules Stein Eye Institute and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry/University of California, Los Angeles) “Exploring the conformational landscape of G protein coupled receptors with EPR spectroscopy”, Junior-Prof. Dr. Ann-Christin Pöppler (Universität Würzburg, Organische Strukturchemie) “Worms, spheres and hydrogels – insights into the structural diversity of polymeric materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications”, Prof. Dr. Franz Schilling (TU München, Biomedizinische Magnetresonanz) “A molecular pH spy for hyperpolarized 13C MRI”.

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