Leipzig Pre-Doc Awards for two HYP*MOL project leaders

The PreDoc Award at Leipzig University is a funding programme for young scientists in the pre-doctoral phase and post-docs for the supervision of prospective doctoral students. The two HYP*MOL project leaders Christina Lamers (Z2) and Georg Künze (A2 & B2), both from the Faculty of Medicine (Institute for Drug Discovery), are part of this year’s cohort of the Leipzig University PreDoc Award. Lamers is represented twice, since the PreDoc concepts of its two prospective doctoral students Tom Götze (Peptide dendrimers as innovative drug delivery systems) and Maximilian Hoffmann (Development of advanced complement inhibitors: A computational-experimental approach for the design of cyclic peptides to inhibit C5) have been accepted. On the other hand, Georg Künze’s prospective doctoral student Norbert Gräfe (Development of improved enzymes for PET degradation with the help of artificial intelligence) receives the aforementioned support.

Photo: Christian Hüller